AI to Supercharge Work

Workorb is building AI powered solutions purpose-built for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry.

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Win new business and increase productivity

Think of Workorb AI as an employee who has been part of your team since day one. This employee works tirelessly, has knowledge of every project your firm has worked on, every proposal you have responded to, and is always truthful never missing anything.

You can ask this employee assistance with anything, including:

  • Draft proposals and RFP responses
  • Help cultivate and manage professional relationships
  • Answer any questions based on company’s collective knowledge
  • Find details and designs across all past client engagements and documents
  • Search information across past projects
  • Explain 1,000-page documents
  • Cross reference received documents, schedules and addendums and extract key points and requirements
  • Extract compliance obligations and requirements from bids and contracts

Write better proposals, faster

Stop spending time searching for the right content in past projects and proposals. Let AI supercharge your proposal writing process. We automatically understand all requirements in an RFP, extract all questions and submittals, assemble background material by searching across your enterprise, and generate the first draft of the response.

Workorb is created specifically for the AEC industry, and its unique workflows. Now, with click of a button, you can identify the right content, without having to manually organize or file anything. The AI generates responses matching your firm’s unique writing style, grounded on details from your company’s knowledge. This means, you can spend more time doing strategic work.

Automate Non-billable Work

AI for Architects, Engineers, Construction (AEC)

Relationship Hub

Win new business by unlocking your firm’s professional network. Drive new business opportunities. Best of all – no data entry!

Project and Details Hub

Centralize designs, details, communications and documents across people. Get insights, action items, summaries. Search and find anything with ease.

Compliance Hub

Manage compliance obligations, which are spread across thousands of pages of documentation. Increase bid win rate by automating compliance and associated costing processes.

Proposal Assistant

AI to help you draft RFP responses.  Let AI gather background documents and past project details. Data-driven go/no-go decisions and generation of draft responses.

About Us

Workorb is a team of AI researchers and engineers on a mission to supercharge the AEC industry. We are SOC 2 compliant and undergo regular third-party audits and penetration tests.

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