Understanding Enterprise Relationships with GraphLLM

Workorb AI is the future of work for customer-facing teams, with automated complex repetitive tasks and greatly improved sales, upsell and service outcomes.
We stitch internal and external conversations to untangle multi-year multi-people B2B customer relationships using a new class of LLMs --  Graph Large Language Models.

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B2B Relationships are Complex and Long

Customer-facing teams often operate with incomplete knowledge leading to lost opportunities, unnecessary internal meetings, and inefficiencies. There is no source of truth for enterprise customer relationships, as it’s impossible for humans to keep up with years of emails, chat messages, files, and calls.

A Loyal Employee who Never Forgets

Imagine an employee who has been there from day one, tracks every enterprise relationship you have, listens in to all calls, reads all emails and files and is in every chat group. This employee provides your team with factual details and automates complex customer related tasks.Workorb is bringing this employee to life using GraphLLM.

Untangle Multi-year Multi-people Customer Relationships with the Power of Graph LLM

Workorb connects the dots and follows chain of events, as conversations flow from email to Slack to meetings. Graph LLM, a whole new class of language model that understands long-running relationships and streamlines complex repetitive tasks.

Seasoned Founding Team

Nilesh Bansal, PhD

Nick Koudas, PhD

Workorb AI is founded by Nick and Nilesh, both two-time successful founders. Both Nick and Nilesh have PhD from the University of Toronto, with active research interest in machine learning and text mining and have authored 200+ research publications and patents on the subject.
Nick and Nilesh started their entrepreneur journey when they founded Sysomos in 2007. Sysomos served 70% of the Dow 30 enterprises, including Coca Cola, McDonalds, Apple, Google, Intel, and NASA, with social media analytics powered by advanced machine learning.

Sysomos was acquired and grew to $36M ARR by 2013 under Nick and Nilesh’s leadership.  The duo, subsequently founded Aislelabs, where they served commercial real-estate managers and international airports across North America, Europe and Asia, leading to acquisition in 2021.
After successful exits of both previous ventures, the founders draw upon the challenges of selling to and managing  enterprise customers, and Workorb AI provides the solution to these challenges.