AI to Supercharge Your Enterprise Data

We are a team of AI researchers and engineers with a mission to supercharge your enterprise.

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Automate Work

AI for Architects, Engineers, Construction and Operators (AECO)

Relationship Hub

Unlock your firm’s professional network. Drive new business opportunities. Best of all – no data entry!

Project Hub

Centralize communication and files across people. Get insights, action items, summaries. Search and find anything with ease.

Vendor Hub

Manage relationships with vendors, sub-contractors, and sub-consultants. Get history on past experience working together.

Proposal Assistant

AI to help you draft RFI/RFP responses.  Get all background documents and references.

Ask Anything

Your personal work assistant

Q: Provide project summary and action items.

Q: Find past projects and designs where our firm worked on canopies.

Q: Correlate communication metrics, sentiment, and stakeholder engagement to project finance metrics.

Q: Help me prepare this change request report.

Connect Everything

One-click native integration



Microsoft Outlook





Google Drive















Fully Automated

Zero data entry required

With the advancements in technology and AI, there is no need for humans to do any data entry, information organization or any clerical tasks. They should instead focus on strategic tasks advancing business opportunities.

Adopting Workorb means no change in existing user behavior - you keep doing what you are doing just better and faster. You do not need to manually maintain your CRM or worry about data quality. There is no time-consuming setup or configuration required. Everything is fully automated, works out of box, and supercharges you and your team.

Seasoned Founding Team

Nilesh Bansal, PhD

Nick Koudas, PhD

Workorb AI is founded by Nick and Nilesh, both two-time successful founders. Both Nick and Nilesh have PhD from the University of Toronto, with active research interest in machine learning and text mining and have authored 200+ research publications and patents on the subject.
Nick and Nilesh started their entrepreneur journey when they founded Sysomos in 2007. Sysomos served 70% of the Dow 30 enterprises, including Coca Cola, McDonalds, Apple, Google, Intel, and NASA, with social media analytics powered by advanced machine learning.

Sysomos was acquired and grew to $36M ARR by 2013 under Nick and Nilesh’s leadership.  The duo, subsequently founded Aislelabs, where they served commercial real-estate managers and international airports across North America, Europe and Asia, leading to acquisition in 2021.
After successful exits of both previous ventures, the founders draw upon the challenges of selling to and managing  enterprise customers, and Workorb AI provides the solution to these challenges.

Secure and Compliant

At Workorb, your data security and privacy are our top priorities. We are a SOC 2 Type 1 compliant company, demonstrating our commitment to robust security practices. This means your data is not only encrypted with military-grade standards, but it's also backed up regularly through our comprehensive redundancy policies. We undergo regular independent audits by third-party firms to ensure our ongoing adherence to the highest security standards.

Furthermore, we respect your data ownership. We never share or resell your data without your explicit consent. You retain full control over your data rights, and for our enterprise offering, we even allow you to bring your own encryption keys for an additional layer of security and peace of mind.